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Mani Bijlee

I would like to share my experience with Dr. Shweta Bhatbolan. I was referred to her during my 21 weeks of gestation with overt diabetes mellitus. Madam Shweta took lot of interest in my health and explained me very easy exercises to control my elevated sugar levels.
I am very thankful for her motivation and time-in follow up towards me that has helped me so much to be encouraged and I could manage my DM and safe delivery.
I recommend Dr. Shweta Bhatbolan for her dedication towards patients (ME) and encouragement for helping to achieve good health in patients (ME)

Uma Hegde

I genuinely have no words to express about the treatment given by Dr. Sudhir Bhatbolan. After experiencing more than two months of severe pain, bed rest along with different medications, there was literally no improvement in my slip disc issue and sciatica that made me totally depressed. At this moment I met Dr Bhatbolan who showed me a ray of hope in the way of his thoughtful evaluation of my problem and the manual techniques he performed to alleviate my pain.
The positive energy I got from him was amazing and I could keep my mind focused in doing all the exercises correctly. Those 15 days of treatment were so helpful for me and my progress also went upwards constantly. I am totally happy with the treatment I received at SDM Neuro- Physiotherapy and I am following up for my reviews as advised. All the senior staff and students were so caring, loving and welcoming. I have got a lot of benefits from physiotherapy and I thank you for the treatment that has benefited me tremendously.

Aarti Hiremath

I have been suffering from stroke from past one year, and I could not come for therapy because of my child's responsibility. Now that I have come for the rehabilitation in SDM neuro physiotherapy I feel good as the environment is so friendly and the therapist understand my condition so well and they have put on a protocol of treatment based on my problems.
My treatment is going from last 4 weeks and I feel confident as my condition is improving. I had tried various therapies but physiotherapy is working very well for me. The way it is going on, I feel very soon there will be big shift in my quality of life.

Mr. Bhimappa. Balagi

Myself Mr. Bhimappa. Balagi from Dharwad am suffering from low back pain and pain in the left thigh. Initially I consulted doctor and was prescribed with medicines, but my pain didn't subside. When I visited doctor again, I was advised for physiotherapy treatment. Then I consulted Dr. Sweta Kulkarni in physiotherapy department and with her advice I took physiotherapy treatment for 5 sessions. My pain is completely relieved and I can sleep and do all my activities better now.
Initially when my pain did not subside with medicines, I was afraid a lot. Because of doctor's advice I was introduced to physiotherapy treatment and my pain is relieved completely now. I thank Dr. Sweta Kulkarni for making me relieve with my pain and I would like to recommend physiotherapy treatment from SDM's physiotherapy department to others also.


"Words could never express our gratitude", for all you did and continue to do for our son, Vedant. At SDM Paediatric Physiotherapy, we were explained the need, necessity and importance of physiotherapy. As parents, we are seeing a tremendous change in the overall development of our son. Today we can suggest every parent to visit SDM Paediatric Physiotherapy, who have lost the hope about their child. Thank you very much to the whole committed team who provide customized treatment to each child.

Sumitra Bellur

Before visiting SDM, my child Thanvitha wasn't able to walk, stand and balance her weight. After joining, my child started to get up, stand and walk without support after 2-3 months of therapy. The therapists are patient, cooperative and make the child interested to do the therapy in happy mode.

Sneharshi M Bhajantri

I am very happy that my child Saideep is taking therapy in Paediatric Physiotherapy department of SDM College of Medical Sciences, Dharwad. All therapists are very much cooperative, supportive, well experienced and treat my child as their own. I recommend those who have physical disabilities to visit the Paediatric Physiotherapy department at SDM.

Dr. Amit Hosur

Hello Dear SDMITE's I am delighted to share my professional journey and experiences during my SDMCPT days n beyond...
Well, WHAT FEELS LIKE THE END IS OFTEN THE BEGINNING and that is how I felt when I entered SDMCPT. I thought my school life has come to an end. But as i started my new journey in SDMCPT it was completely different unfolding.It gave me lot more than I expected. I not only learnt the subject but laughed, cried, excepting, facing the challenges and many more. I was shaped well in all aspects. It gave me a strong foundation that helped me to achieve whatever I am today. That strengthened my confidence to tackle any situations in my physiotherapy practice and in life too.
I remember each and every single moment I spent in SDMCPT. We were like a small family. Those friendly ragging days from our seniors who turned out to be my best friends now, clinical postings, sports days, annual days, canteen hours and those exam stress days, all I still cherish those memories. All my teachers, my seniors and my friends helped me to achieve what I wanted to.
Today I am running a clinic in Hubli with exclusive sports injuries and Rehabilitation and sports specific fitness centre. I was and continue be part of various sports events as a Physiotherapist. I am officially attached to many sports clubs in Hubli. I am also a physiotherapist for Karnataka state Cricket Association (KSCA) Dharwad zone. It's a honour to be as BCCI Accredited Sports Physiotherapist. With blessings of Lord Shri DHARMASTHALA MANJUNATHESHWAR SWAMY, my parents, my Teachers and my peers I could achieve what I did till today. It's the journey between what you once were and what you are now and continue to be is where the dance of life takes place.
I feel proud to be SDMITE and continue to be so till my last breath. SDMCPT is not just a place where you will get answers to all your life's questions but also a place which make you question lot of life's answers.
With the blessings of Almighty and the hard work of SDM staff and the students I wish the institution grows to newer heights and bring the best version of themselves and help every student to shape their life.

Ms. Shilpa Kakkar ,

Dear Current and Aspiring Physiotherapy Students, I am honoured to share my enriching journey at SDM College of Physiotherapy, Dharwad, in the hope that it may inspire and guide you in your own educational pursuits. My time at SDM, beginning in 2002 and culminating with my master's degree, has been pivotal in shaping my career and character.
SDM College stands out as one of the premier institutions for physiotherapy, offering students an excellent infrastructure and comprehensive training that prepares them to excel as professionals. Throughout the program, from the first year to the final year, a balanced and thorough curriculum ensures that students gain both theoretical and practical knowledge. The college instils strong ethical values and a holistic approach to patient care, ensuring that its graduates can confidently cater to international patients with the utmost professionalism. The vast library resources, including journals and the e-library, were invaluable to me during my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, especially while completing my dissertation. SDM College is more than an educational institution; it is a family that continually adapts to the ever-changing landscape of the field. The dedicated staff provide unwavering support to students, and numerous workshops and seminars enrich the learning experience. Guest lecturers, who are experts in their respective fields, expose students to diverse perspectives and specialized knowledge.
The clinical exposure at SDM College goes beyond the college's own hospital, offering students the opportunity to observe and treat patients in other healthcare facilities. This intensive training equips graduates to seamlessly transition into their careers and effectively address patients' needs from day one. The success of our alumni, both in India and abroad, is a testament to the quality of education at SDM College. As an alumnus currently residing outside India, I am grateful for the continued support I receive from the principal and administrative staff whenever I require assistance with paperwork.
In conclusion, pursuing my Bachelor's and Master's in Physiotherapy at SDM College of Physiotherapy, Dharwad, has been an irreplaceable and perfect part of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend this esteemed institution to all aspiring physiotherapists.

Mr. Nandakumar Tuppad

A team of faculty and PG student Dr. Sejal Patel from SDM Physiotherapy college, Dharwad has conducted an awareness program on Ergonomics and occupational hazard on 23 June 2018. Dr. Salima Mulla, Associate Professor and PG guide, SDMPT who guided and led the team of PGs, gave a detailed presentation on the subject and small exercises were taught along with Dr. Sejal Patel.
During this awareness program, many of our employees underwent a scientific assessment of their ergo conditions and followed necessary advice given by the team of doctors regarding their posture and small changes in the tasks they conduct. This program which included the follow up visits and meeting of doctors with our employees, resulted in significant improvement in ease of work, reduced tiredness and pain caused by wrong postures.
Overall program was a strong demonstration of how SDMPT doctors connect to their patients patiently beyond academic purposes.