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Our department has the following training facilities provided for the students so that they are well versed in Chest Physiotherapy, cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, vascular disease management, preventive cardiology and management of patient in pre- operative and post-operative conditions.

Chest physiotherapy is integral part of patient care that starts from Intensive Care Unit till the patient gets discharged. It helps in clearing lung secretions and maintaining oxygen saturation. Various techniques are used to increase lung volume and prevent chest infections (along with regular medication) for faster recovery of the patient. The goal of chest Physiotherapy is to get back the patient to do his/her daily functional activities. Various Rehabilitation Programs are designed under chest Physiotherapy for better patient care such as:

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program:

Starts from pre operative phase, soon after cardiac surgery and OPD stages, treatment includes strengthening of respiratory muscles. Prevention of respiratory and circulatory complication, exercise testing and training.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation:

Examination of disability due to respiratory disease like obstructive and restrictive lung disorders ( Eg. Bronchitis asthma) Various techniques that helps to clear airway secretion eg. postural drainage exercise training to increase the fitness level.

Vascular Diseases:

Exercises for restoration of compromised circulation eg. Burger's exercise Prevention of atherosclerosis by exercises Treatment of ulcers (arterial, venous) by physical modalities like LASER, UVR etc.

Preventive Cardiology:

Exercise testing and exercise prescription to prevent various cardiac disorders with various sophisticated instruments like motorized treadmill, bicycle ergometer and multi gym.

Physiotherapy facilities available at ICU, physiotherapy department functions in ICU for the patient who is on mechanical ventilator in preventing respiratory complications like pneumonia, ARDS etc. to maintain joint mobility, muscle strength and early mobilization etc.

Pre & Post Operative:

Pulmonary physiotherapy feeding for maxillofacial surgeries in conditions like cancer, trauma etc.

Outpatient Services

  • The SDM College of Physiotherapy has got well equipped PT department, which offers tailor made cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation which includes aerobic and strength training programs suitable to the patient condition.
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation: Once the patient is discharged from the hospital, he/she can opt for the physical therapy following CABG surgery. The SDM College of Physiotherapy has got well equipped PT department, which offers phase II cardiac rehabilitation, which includes aerobic and strength training programs suitable to the patient condition.
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation is offered to the patients with chronic pulmonary disorders, which is usually guided by Pulmonologist. This includes patient and the family education, phase wise rehabilitation in various forms like breathing retraining, postural drainage, inspiratory muscle training exercises, aerobic exercises etc.
  • Physical therapy department in the SDM hospital is having sophisticated gymnasium as well as the experienced faculty members, which deliver excellent quality rehabilitation for patients with cardiac and pulmonary disease.

Inpatient Services

  • The cardio-pulmonary physiotherapy is evolved in SDM Hospital since years and is been providing In-patient services in different Intensive Care Units (ICU) like Medical-ICU, Surgical-ICU, Cardiac-ICU, Neurosurgery/Neurology-ICU, Respiratory-ICU. There are different types of patients who would require physiotherapy like in these ICU: Pneumonia, COPD, Restrictive Disorders etc and also patients who are ventilated because of systemic pathological causes.
  • The patients following Coronary artery bypass grafting surgery (CABG), undergo Pre and Post-Cardiac Rehabilitation in the form of different techniques to clear retained secretions, impaired gaseous exchange, assisted mobilization, breathing retraining, respiratory muscle strengthening exercises etc. Physical therapist plays a major role in the cardiac rehabilitation, by means of patient and family education about the benefits and effects of exercises through exercise testing, designing the tailor-made exercise regime in a progressive manner and help in improvement of the overall quality of life and functional independent being of the patient with cardiac diseases.

Working Hours

Monday to Saturday: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Lunch Time: 1PM - 2PM