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In recent past decade there has been increase in sporting events in India, apart from national and international sports there has been numerous league matches, inter club matches and university level matches. With the increase in sporting activities there has been increase in sports injuries among players and athletes. A grievous injury to sportsman or athletes means the end of their career in the sporting activities.

Most of the injuries among sportsmen can be prevented by a warm up, cool down, and a good body mechanics while they indulge in sports. Thus sports training and rehabilitation becomes an important aspect of sports.

The SDM Sports Physiotherapy Speciality caters to both out-patients as well inpatient services to the patients. Having the clinical Set up in the ground floor, it creates easy accessibility to the patients and delivers treatment & care with well-established Sports Physiotherapy section.

In our sports speciality we deal with

  • Sports injuries prevention.
  • Testing of Strength, Agility, Speed, Power, Endurance and Flexibility.
  • Sports mechanics and training.
  • Complete sports rehabilitation following injury.

Working Hours

Monday to Saturday: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Lunch Time: 1PM - 2PM